Thursday, 30 August 2018

Калина Фолк - За Тихой Рекою [Viburnum Folk - Behind A Quiet River]

Калина Фолк - За Тихой Рекою (2015)
Viburnum Folk - Behind A Quiet River (2015)

A beautiful modern Russian song!
Translation text into English:
"Behind a quiet river, in a birch grove
The first spring flower will dissolve
And I want a simpler desire
And I crossed my gaze to the East.
The sky will be painted red in the morning
And the eternal sun over the world will rise
And the white bird will fly over the ground
And God's forgiveness from heaven will bring...
And something big will open to the heart
So that my life does not hold
And it will become calm, and sweet as in childhood
When my mother hugged me...
Prayer of the Holy will shed tears
Christlike love will be sad
And at that moment the soul will touch
To a great Universe called Russia".